3 reasons why IZUMIO is the preferred choice

With than 150 million units distributed since its 2007 launch, IZUMIO is the brand you can trust. A product of improved hydrogen dissolution technology, IZUMIO now contains more hydrogen than before and continues to be the leading product of its kind. In addition, the redox potential of IZUMIO is negative, meaning that IZUMIO has reducing power.

The science behind IZUMIO

IZUMIO is carefully manufactured in a health-supplement GMP-compliant, ISO22000-certified factory employing state-of-the-art facilities and strict cleanroom measures.

  • ※ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) refer to standards for manufacturing and quality control.
  • ※ ISO22000 refers to international standards for food safety management systems.

What’s all the hype about hydrogen?

The word “hydrogen” is commonly associated with hydrogen energy or hydrogen gas, and may seem far removed from our daily lives. However, hydrogen is, in fact, a familiar element essential to our existence, indispensable to our bodies since birth.