Hydrogenized Drinking Water IZUMIO

Hydrogen is one of the indispensable elements that sustains our lives. IZUMIO Hydrogenized Drinking Water is manufactured with a high concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water. With IZUMIO Hydrogenized Drinking Water, taking hydrogen into our bodies has never been easier.

  • ※ Concentration of dissolved hydrogen varies with time. "Time of packaging" refers to the stage in the manufacturing process where the aluminium foil packaging is being filled.

Strict Manufacture Procedure Ensures Your Everyday Health

IZUMIO by Naturally Plus is a trusted top quality product carefully manufactured with strict quality control according to the GMP* standards for health supplements.

  • ※ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Standards for manufacturing and quality control

The Indispensable Element [Hydrogen]

The term "hydrogen" is commonly associated with hydrogen energy or hydrogen gas, and may seem far removed from our daily lives. However, hydrogen is, in fact, a familiar element essential to our existence, that which has been indispensable to our bodies since birth.