Hydrogenized Drinking Water IZUMIO

Hydrogen is one of the indispensable elements that sustains our lives. IZUMIO Hydrogenized Drinking Water is manufactured with a high hydrogen dissolution ratio. With IZUMIO Hydrogenized Drinking Water, taking hydrogen into our bodies has never been easier.

Strict Manufacture Procedure Ensures Your Everyday Health

IZUMIO by Naturally Plus is a trusted top quality product carefully manufactured with strict quality control according to the GMP* standards for health supplements.

  • ※ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Standards for manufacturing and quality control

The Indispensable Element [Hydrogen]

The term "hydrogen" is commonly associated with hydrogen energy or hydrogen gas, and may seem far removed from our daily lives. However, hydrogen is, in fact, a familiar element essential to our existence, that which has been indispensable to our bodies since birth.